akaBot Platform Version Release

:loudspeaker: akaBot Platform Version is now live!

Release Date: 2019-11-03T17:00:00Z

akaBot Development Team would like to announce the latest version of akaBot Platform - This release includes many added features, updates and bugs fixed.

1. akaBot Studio:

  • [Added] Highlight/ShowLocals for Invoked Workflow File.
  • [Added] DownloadDirectory, ShowDownloadPrompt options for OpenBrowser.
  • [Added] AttachmentCollection for SendMail Activities.
  • [Added] Activities For GSuite (GSuiteScope, GetMail, SendMail).
  • [Added] BlockUserInput, DeleteFile, ImageExists, ExcelSetBorder Activities.
  • [Added] Support UTF-8 encoding in Studio log files.
  • [Added] AddLogFields, RemoveLogFields activities.
  • [Fixed] akaBot Studio did not close log file handle after write.
  • [Fixed] akaBot Studio execution log format to the same as Agent format.
  • [Fixed] akaBot Studio could not run workflow if not found RobotAgent.config file
  • [Fixed] Publish to wrong local folder when there is no RobotAgent.config file available.
  • [Fixed] LogMessage not working when run from BotExecutor.
  • [Removed] Select Environment while publishing to akaBot Center.

2. akaBot Agent:

  • [Added] Support workflow output argument in Execution.log.
  • [Added] Support user custom execution log fields in Execution.log.
  • [Added] Support UTF-8 encoding in Agent log files.
  • [Added] Submit log to server by interval (configurable).
  • [Added] Submit exit code of BotExecutor to server when workflow fails.
  • [Added] Local setting file in AppData to store user’s configuration.
  • [Added] Warning of not valid ‘domain\username’ when trigger task from server.
  • [Added] Log level setting to akaBot Agent UI.
  • [Updated] Namespace to add application name in application log files.
  • [Updated] Executor only accept project path as input workflow.
  • [Updated] All log files format to yyyy-MM-dd_AppName.log.
  • [Fixed] Agent not shown as busy when running task.
  • [Fixed] Removed noisy logging in LogonManager.
  • [Removed] Socket communication in Agent.

3. akaBot Center:

  • [Added] Control time to life of data log files (logback: rolling file, maxfilesize, totalsizecap, maxhistory).
  • [Updated] Update API to receive logs from agent.
  • [Updated] Show version, show publish time of package.
  • [Fixed] Bug when update existing schedule.
  • [Fixed] Show top upcoming, recent tasks on Dashboard page.
  • [Fixed] Show date by timezone in schedule & task.

Please let us know your thoughts at any time on akaBot Forum. Thank you!