akaBot Platform Version Release

:loudspeaker: akaBot Platform Version is now live!

Release Date: 2020-03-22T17:00:00Z

akaBot Development Team would like to announce the latest version of akaBot Platform - This release includes many added features & updates to welcome our newest addition - akaBot License Management System!

1. License Management System (LMS):

License Management System is now live with various management capabilities:

  • Reseller Management
  • Customer Management
  • License Management
  • Role-based User Management (Requester/Approver)
  • License Server Management (Activate/Deactivate license from LMS)

2. akaBot Agent & akaBot Studio:
From this version, you can run multi-agents efficiently from akaBot Center with the newly added Queue activities. This version also welcomes new features to facilitate LMS.

  • Activation/Deactivation window to activate/deactivate standalone or network license.
  • Queue activities.
    AddQueueItem, AddTransactionItem, BulkAddQueueItems, DeleteQueueItems, GetQueueItems, GetTransactionItem, PostponeTransactionItem, SetTransactionProgress, SetTransactionStatus, WaitQueueItem
  • ExtractStructuredData activity to extract data from web (only support Chrome).

Please let us know your thoughts at any time on akaBot Forum. Thank you!