Beginner's guide to akaBot Support Community

:loudspeaker: Welcome to akaBot Community. We are happy to have you here!

Welcome to this amazing community, where we answer questions & exchange ideas on using akaBot.

We appreciate your time here. Please follow this quick start guide to get you going.

Learn quickly how to start your trial and automation journey!

About our products
This section will give you some basic ideas about our products and its components.

How to report bugs and provide feedbacks
This section will guide you through how to report bugs and include as much information as possible; and provide any feedback you have when using akaBot, from technical errors to any other valuable feedbacks.

About Categories
This guide you on how our category is organized and how to categorize your topic appropriately.

About Tags
This one shows you the way to tag your topic.

Forum user journey and Community Moderation initiative
This section gives you the brief idea about how your journey with akaBot Community will be and contribute to the site.

Quick Start
You can always create a new topic easily and start a discussion on the Community. If you’re a newcomer and still haven’t got used to navigating through the site quickly, read this guide below and we hope it’s helpful.
1. Search first
Please look for this icon image on the top right of the page and insert some phrases which describe your issue.

2. Choose the right category to post your topic in
We have a few categories, and you can also view the category guide here.
Or post in Develop category would always be the right place.

3. Always describe your topic clearly
Give your topic a good, precise and clear content and title.

4. Tag your topic properly
Please take a look at our tagging guide.
If you’re still not clear about what to tag, just leave it there and someone more experienced might help you out later.