Copy from SAP and paste into excel


Im trying to copy data from a cell in SAP using “Ctrl+Shift+Right arrow” to select and “Ctrl+C” to copy the selection and paste into an excel. I have attached the images of my steps. This isn’t working, Could you please let me know where Im going wrong ?

Thanks in advance.
Send Hot Key
Send Hot Key 1
Excel to paste

Which part is not working? Is “Ctrl+Shift+Right arrow” to select or “Ctrl+C” to copy.
Please try to test each of the phases first to determine which part is not working
Also, try to add Delay activity for further checking

Ctrl+Shift+Right isn’t working

First picture is when i manually clicked ctrl+shift+Right … Second is through akabot. It isn’t getting selected, rather the cursor is moving to the end of the cell.

using akabot

Is it possible if you try with Ctrl + A? This is the workaround we can think of at the moment

I tried, That isn’t working either.

I see, we might need SAP script for this scenario

Oh, Could you please assist me on how to copy from SAP and paste into word using SAP script?

At the moment, we don’t have that now and might need more time for investigating this one as well