Extract Data Table From Website

Is there any convenient way to extract this table from website and save it to variable (data table type) to write to excel file?. Thank you very much

Hi @luongduy2001 ,

Please use Extract Structured Data (NB) activity to extract that table from website. The output or variable type of this activity is DataTable.

After that, you can use Excel Write Range activity to write the data table to an excel file.

For more information, please visit:

  1. Extract Structured Data (NB): https://docs.akabot.com/bin/view/Activities/Native%20Browser/Activities/Extract%20Structured%20Data%20(NB)/
  2. Excel Write Range: https://docs.akabot.com/bin/view/Activities/Excel%20Activities/Activities/Excel%20Write%20Range/

akaBot Support Team