Hover activity not working


I am trying to hover on a screen to view the upload button. But im not able to pick target using the hover activity. PFB screenshots for before and after hover.

May I know the activity you are using? Is it possible if you could make a gif file or video record so we can investigate further?

“Hover activity” which comes under Browser

Is it possible you could share us the resource that you trying to use Hover activity? As we are still able to use Hover activity.

I am using this webiste with VPN. Will the activities work the same? Because I am not able to select target for Most of the browser activities .
Itokoton - Google Chrome 2021-07-12 16-45-40.zip

In your video, we saw that you are using Incognito mode. Have you allowed the Inspector in akaBot Extension yet?


Im not using incongnito in the project, just for the video i had used.

We might need to access the site for further investigation