Read PDF to Excel


Can you please assist me on how to get text from pdf file and paste into excel ?

What format of PDF file, may I ask? Image or export from Word?

PFA screenshot of one part of the pdf file.

I want to read the Total Amount Due 115.00

We can try to use activity "OCR " and “Take screenshot”

Solution 1:

  • Get text by using “OCR activity”

Solution 2:

  • Use Take screenshot activity to get text of the part
  • Load the image by using “OCR activity”

There are several pdfs in a folder, I’ll want to open each one of it in a loop and scroll down to the part where total amount due is present.

Is there an activity to open pdf files and scroll to the part where amount is present ?

I don’t see any activity for PDF so I am not sure on how to achieve this

Unfortunately, we don’t have its own PDF package yet ( it is still under development). To interact with PDF files, we can open manually by using Click activity and OCR for getting Text

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention, we added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team.

But How do we open PDF files in a folder one by one in a loop using click activity?

It works fine only for one file at a time.

I used OCR’s grab position from screen option, yet I got blank text

May I know the app which you using to open PDF file? From browser or Adobe?
If it’s a specific app, we can try to open file via the app and then use “Send Hot Keys” ( Ctrl + A & Ctrl + C) to get text from pdf file.