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I am trying to use Type into activity in SAP to enter the value in a variable created.

My Scenario : I am storing the Document Date in a variable and trying to enter it in SAP using Type into activity. While picking the target element, when I select the Document Date text box, the whole screen is getting selected rather than the particular cell.

For some cases like this, I think we might need to use SAP script to handle this one. As the element from Type Into will pick exactly the red square

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Im trying to pass the variable as input in send hot key, but getting this error.

I changed the variable type for current_docdate, the above error disappeared but now facing the error in assign activity. Please let me know how to handle this.

Please try other name or delete that variable and re-create

It doesn’t work still. Is there a datatype issue?

We think there’s must be mistyped or input the wrong variable somewhere else. Is it possible if you could send us the file for further checking?

SAP.zip (10.1 KB)

PFA file, consider the ExceltoSAP xaml file for the above scenario.

Thank you

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Please input the “current_docdate” into KeyArgument not Element section

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