akaBot Platform Version Release

:loudspeaker: akaBot Platform Version is now live!

Release Date: 2019-09-23T17:00:00Z

akaBot Development Team would like to announce the latest version of akaBot Platform - This release includes the following added features, updates & bugs fixed.

1. akaBot Studio:
New features have been added to facilitate development & de-bugging:

  • Log Message Activity to write the specified diagnostic message at the specified level.
  • Advanced Debugger such as Set/Delete breakpoint, Step In, Step over, Start/Stop/Continue debug, Setting Slow step, show local variables, arguments (Locals panel).
  • Breakpoints Enhancement, enabling developer to store breakpoints in project setting file, load and show breakpoints on workflow designer when opening project.
  • Exception Handling to track activity stage, handle exception when run workflow on akaBot.

2. akaBot Agent:
Added Features:

  • Add Multi-user Support in Windows Server 2012 and later.
  • Add Run workflow as Administrator.
  • Add Run workflow with input arguments from akabot Center.
  • Fix Installer Exception: delete not empty directory.

3. akaBot Center:

  • Add Report Statistics on Agents’ Activities.
  • Add Report Statistics on Workflows.
  • Fix space in package when creating workflow.
  • Fix JDBC Connection in Dashboard page.

Please let us know your thoughts at any time on akaBot Forum. Thank you!